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Gender discrimination

 I worked for a company for almost thirteen years. The first five working for a male manager.  When he moved on he was replaced by another male manager.  When he was promoted after four years I was offered the position of supervisor of the department with only a modest salary increase and a bonus based on performance. (During my time with this company there was never a supervisor in the department). It was implied that if I proved myself I would be considered for the manager position.  For the next eight months I assumed the responsibilities of manager but also has to continue performing the duties of my current position.  The workload was proving overwhelming and I was working long hours (unpaid) in order to get the work done so I asked if they were going to hire a replacement to fill my current position. I was told that if they did that and I didn’t prove myself as manager material then there would be no position for me to return to and I wouldn’t have a job.  So I continued to perform the duties of both positions.  This continued for another six months and I was never offered the manager position.  Finally I had had enough and told them that they needed to make a decision and hire a manager.  It took them another six months to hire one and when they did it was another male who did not have the qualifications that I have.  I have a financial designation which I was required to have for my position but the manager they hired does not have any designation.  Even with him in the position of manager I still was performing a lot of the responsibilities that the manager should. I feel I have been unfairly treated by this company and wonder if this a form of gender discrimination? 

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