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I wonder If you could shed some light in to this please.

I been a member of my gym for nearly 7 years,about 2 years ago I started dating one of the personal trainers from the gym.we was together for about a year and split up on bad terms,I caried on attending the gym to traing and she still works there but I been avoiding her and I don't even make eye contact or even look at her and just go there keep my head down train and go home,everything has been fine for about a year and all of the sudden I received a letter a couple of days ago saying that am banned from the gym due to a complaint and that the terms and conditions clearly state that all members should behave appropriately and respectfully in the gym and that the gym reserves the right to ban if the behaviour it's inappropriate.

I have done nothing wrong what so ever and always keep my self to my self while and the gym and never bother anyone,so I went to the gym to show them the later and see if they can explain whats going on but the lady on the reception told me she didn't know and she would get one of the managers to call me.a few hours later the manager called me with a very abrupt manner and told me that I was banned from the gym due to a member of staff putting a complaint against me,when I asked who and what for he replied "you know who" 

And when I said my ex he replied "yes" and when I said that i have not spoke to her for a year and I have done nothing wrong he said  "she dosnt want you training here" and said he can't discuss it any further and that they can bann anyone they want and then put the phone down.

I have done nothing wrong and I feel very upset and victimised and I can't understand why am being discriminated like this,can you please give me some advice about where I stand legally? 

Thank you for your time.

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