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Shared Custody Problem

2 years ago the judge ordered a final agreement, which stated that, both myself and herself would have shared custody of our son with myself having him sunday to wednesday and her wednesday to sunday, in september after the order was made, she requested that I take him saturday to wednesday, and for the last 2 years (~90% of the time) this has been the case.

last year when he started school, I agreed to enroll him in a school closer to her house, but not over far from me. this arrangement worked well for the entire year.

A couple of weeks ago, she moved out of the city (but still with in the county).
here is the problem.
1. I was not provided with the knowledge that she was moving.
2. I was not provided with their new address
3. I was not given any new contact numbers.

Incident lastweek
last Saturday he was to be returned to me. I called Saturday morning and her number went straight to voice mail. i went to her house and the house was cleaned out. between Saturday and Thursday I tried getting in contact with her over 100 different times via calling and text with no sucess. friday morning she called me as if nothing has happened.

Incident 2
she has registered him in a new school without my agreement. and in her words. she said "it is your obligation to get him to and from school"

I am wondering what me legal rights are here. from what i have gathered. she has all legal right to move as long as it reasonable. (but she was to inform me of the move and provide me with her updated information) but I cannot find anything on weather she can just make a school change or any decision involving him with out my agreement.

where do i go from here. i have him the majority of the time and I have it on a self made journal for the last 2 years which shows the times i have had him. would I be best to go for primary custody? or what would be my best course of action?



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