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Sponsorship of Spouse by Permanent Resident

I am an Indian citizen and also permanent resident of Canada since January, 2009 and my PR Card would expire in March, 2014. I have mostly stayed out of Canada and I am currently staying in Saudi Arabia but planning to move permanently to Canada in March, 2013.

I was married in July, 2010 in India and came to Canada in November, 2011 with intention to settle but moved back to Saudi Arabia in December, 2011 as I couldn't find any suitable opportunity. While in Canada in November, 2011, I applied to sponsor my wife and also received CIC approval letter in May, 2012 confirming my eligibility for sponsorship and the application was forwarded to Canadian High Commission in New Delhi, India. However, my wife was requested last month to provide our Wedding photos and also evidence of my stay in Canada with payslips, rental receipts etc. With my help, she has replied to the Canadian High Commission by providing Wedding photos but also clearly mentioned that I am now staying in Saudi Arabia and planning to move to Canada in March, 2013 although we have provided my rental receipt and bank statement for the approx. 1 month period I stayed in Canada.

Please advise if this would have negative impact on my sponsorship.

If yes, should I inform CIC that I am now in Saudi Arabia or to withdraw my application? Would it have any negative consequence on my PR status while I am now seriously thinking to permanently move to Canada in 5-6 months? Or, is it advisable to withdraw my application and sponsor again once I am in Canada?




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