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Child custody

My ex boyfriend and I split up last September, we continued to live together until the first of November, 2011. We have a 4 year old daughter together and I raised his son from March 2004 and am still very much involved in his life (he is now 10) and I consider him my son because he also does not know his real mother. His father is now trying to keep him away from me. We have no court agreement in regards to the children, we wrote out a written agreement about our daughter, with witnesses. Is there a way I can get to see my son more, or gain more access legally. He keeps threatening to keep him away from me, because I am involved with someone new. He also wants to gain full custody of my daughter because he doesn't agree with how I raise her. Even though I am the one who pretty much raised the kids, as he never was an involved father and felt I was too controlling over them. (ie: proper diet, bedtimes, etc)

I feel at a loss.


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