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Respected Sir 


I have an Immigration Problem and hope you can assist me.I was a Permanent Canadian Resident,Landed in Jan 2006,My parents having No job could not stay in Canada for the required amount of time out of the total of 5  years.My PR Card was expiring in January 2011,I came back to Canada just few days before the expiry of my Card.They let me in at Montreal Airport and I got admission into an English Syllabus School in Montreal in Grade 9.I applied for renewal of my PR Card in June 2011 and when I visited the Immigration office in Montreal They CANCELLED my Residency status and asked me to leave Canada within one month.I did not appeal and left Canada,.They did the same to my father in January 2011 at the airport.Now I reside in United Arab Emirates and want to GET MY RESIDENCY STATUS BACK and thats why I am contacting you.So What will be the best possible way for me to come back to Canada?, Please note that I hold Pakistani Passport,hence need Visa to enter Canada.Once I am in Canada, I want you to take up my case and proceed(of course shall pay your legal fee), Plz note that we still have residence in Montreal where my brother lives and studies(a rented Apartment).

IF I appeal ,what are the chances of success and if I lose what will be the consequences for me in future?

I am planning to apply to Concordia University next summer because I will be finishing my High school here in UAE then.
Looking forward to hear from youThank you Sincerely 



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