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False Accusation

I'm having trouble with a former co-worker.  When I first started, she had been employed for 5 years.  We got along very well until I began to do my job as I thought it should be done.  She took umbrage at that and, several times, threatened our boss that she would quit if I wasn't fired.  After several threats, our boss accepted her resignation which was only that she couldn't work with me.  We weren't even in the same job so, really, she didn't need to have anything to do with me at all.  This was last March, 2012. 


She is now claiming that I hit her and pushed her (this is now September 2012).  That is not true - I have never touched her, even in passing.


She filed a complaint with (I assume) the Labour Relations Board, who contacted my employer.  I want to know how I can put a stop to these false accusations should she continue in this vein.


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