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My ex and I separated Jan 1/12, I maintained full custody of the kids, and we just recently switched to 50/50.  I continued to stay in the matrimonial home and make all payments, while she moved out.  Now she wants the house sold even though there is no equity in it and multiple liens against it.  I'm ok with walking away from it. 
My issue is that I was in an accident and now in a wheelchair.  The insurance was about to modify the home for $265k, but now that I have to walk away from it, they will use that money towards buying me a new condo.  This is a not the future care cost settlement money that I'm still waiting for.  The home is needed for my disability and to help me take care of the kids.  Can my ex go after my new condo if the insurance buys it for me, or can she force me to sell that too?  
Thank you for your help!


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