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I have 4 brothers, brother #1 read my mothers will and saw that everything is left to her husband upon her death (second marriage and she is very ill, it was all his anyway, and she entered the marriage with nothing) #1 convinced her to leave her husband ( she is 83) and change the will to leave everything to the 5 of us, #2,3 agreed with him, #4 and I said no.  After making her believe #1 would take care of her at his house he dropped the bomb and their plan was to have her live with me but I and the only one in the area that still works full time and #1,2,and 4 are retired, she requires daily care and I am unable to provide it.  She is now in a nursing home and has enough because of a settlement with her husband to live in the home for about 4 years ( I believe she has 6 months to a year). We are not talking a lot of money ( less than 90,000)

#1,#2,#3 stopped seeing her once she went into the home so #4 and myself take care of her and her needs such as doctor appointment, hospital visits. I have her for all holiday gatherings, she decided along with #4 to change her will to leave what ever is left to 4 grand children ( my 2 and #4's 2 children). I am an ex banker and instead of doing a power of attonery I made the account joint. Upon her death I am scared that #1,2,3 will contest the will ( not sure they have grounds) I am thinking by having the account joint I can fulfill her wishes and devide what ever is left between the grandchildren so there would be no estate for them to contest to.

#4 keeps #1,2,3 informed of her health and I have not spoken to #1,2,3 in over a year because of this ( sorry a lot of details had to be left out to get the bases covered)

Will there be conplications keeping the account joint upon her death or should I switch it to power of attonery.


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