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Hello. I was just wondering...I had a chaise on kijiji and some girl asked me to deliver it to her an hour away. So I did....I got there and she looked at it, said it smelled but still gave me my money, then I left. About 5-10 minutes after I left she texted me saying "Get back to my house now and take this out of my house and give me my money back. It stinks and its torn." I said no. She kept saying she was going to the cops, so I went to the police myself and told them everything...they said it wasnt their problem and it was a civil thing for us to figure out. I asked to clarify if I was doing anything illegal if I left and she said no. So I did. Since then, I've gotten emails and texts from this lady saying that she is reporting me for false advertising, and calling me names like "pig" because im overweight. She says stuff like "how do you feel robbing a lady".."I hope you sleep well at night" and now shes saying shes taking me to small claims court. After I said no to returning the money, I asked her nicely to stop texting me and told her that I did file the report with the police. She wont leave me scared she will take me to court. Is this possible? Does she have anything on me? I dont think she does, but I wanted to make sure. Thanks so much.


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