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Manager who is making work life miserable

I have a manager who is abusive towards me in her manner and things she has said. The facility where I work has two sides and I work on both. The manger of one side has cut my hours without any notification. When I went to speak to her regarding this issue she at first refused to speak to me regarding it and then told me she simply she did not like me and that I was lazy, rude and have a bad attitude. My employee review is next week and she said she has a whole bunch of documentation regarding my job performance that she will "shove in my face" at my review on Wed. I have no issues as far as I know regarding my job performance on the other side of the facility. Not sure what to do from here. Can I resign my position on the one side of the facility? Do I bring forward the issues of her verbal abuse and intimidation at the review? Can they suspend me or terminate me for the wrong things she claims I am doing on her side of the facility. I have been given no indication until hours were cut that my job performance was in question. I have worked for this company for 19+ years. This is also an non union facility. Wondering what my rights as an employee are and the best way to handle this upcoming review. This manager's attitude toward me has been deteriorating for about the last 2 years until it is to the point she will not speak to me in a professional manner and about 6 weeks ago she called me stupid which she denies she said. I am willing to resign my position under her management and if I do and she is no longer my manager does she have the right to attend my employee review? Any input into this situation would greatly ease the distress and anxiety I am feeling over this upcoming review. Thank you for your attention.


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