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Parking ticket question.


This is very, very small issue, but I so strongly feel that I am right, that I have to ask professional for clarification. In advance I would like to thank you for your time.

Few days ago, I had parked on the street which has the time limit of 2hours for parking (City: Sherbrooke; street: Gorgon; few min. after 9am). After finishing errands in the area within less than 2 hours I got back to my car and I drove off. Within the next 20-30 min. I got the call from one of the business I just delt with, and I had to go back to the same area. I parked on the same street but in front of the different house (nice big shades :-)), about 30m away from the spot where I was parked originally.

I returned to my car in no more than 30min (now is few minutes before noontime) and I saw the officer placing the parking ticket on my car.  My question why was followed by question about the language of prefferance... all turned into heated argument ....

The officer claims that he can issue the ticket because I was parked on the street with the time limit for more than 2h, and I claim that he can not, because I occupied different parking spots throughout the morning.

Is this parking ticket justified?



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