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My uncle recently passed away and the only will we could find was from 2006. In July 2011 a recieved a phone call from a notary, asking me to be the executor of his will. I never recieved any paper work and never talked it over with my uncle. However, my uncle had told my grandmother that he was doing this and asked her for my adddress and birthdate etc. When my uncle passed unexpectedly the only will found was the one form 2006 which states that his accountant is his executor. I did a will notice search and it came back as no wills notice found. I also searched my phone bills and phoned the number of the notary, and phoned and spoke to them and they said that they had nothing on file? We recently had his celebration of life and I had a woman come up to me and ask me what was going on with the will and said that my uncle had also told her that I was the executor of his will? Is there any way you could help me out here? Thanks My dad and his brother would also like to contest the will if there is nothing I can do


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