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I am an esthetician and a natural skin care blogger. I make it clear on my blog that I am against every harmful chemical in beauty products. I also make clear that this is a personal blog and my opinion is completely honest and based on my own experience and these are just opinions, not facts.

A consultant of a skin care company contacted me that she wants to send me some samples. I asked her to send me the full ingredient list of the products. She sent me a botanical glossary and an ingredient policy. It looked ok, so I said she can send it to me.

When I got the products I discovered that all her claims were false, the products are not natural, contain harmful chemicals. When I tried them out it caused my skin problems (red, swollen face). I sent her some questions and told her I will make a review and I made clear for her that my review will be honest. She didn't answer for my questions, she said she forwarded it to the head office where their answers were: everything is "proprietary".

She has a Twitter and Facebook account where she promotes the products, she is a public person with thousands of followers.

In a nutshell: when I posted my review I mentioned her name that she contacted me and sent me some samples, I also mentioned in my blog that I asked questions from her because she is the consultant of the company.

I posted her answer -that she forwared my questions- and I commented that I guess the reason why she didn't answer me is because she just sells the products, but doesn't know anything about them and I can't say it's fine, because she is a consultant and if she doesn't know the products, then how can she suggest it to anyone? Does it ethical?

She threatened me through email if I don't remove the post and her name, she will take legal action. She also said I disparaged her.

My questions: can she sue me for that? If yes, does she have a chance to win? Did I really "disparage" her? I just wrote the truth and my opinion.

She is in Ontario and I am in Montreal.

Thank you!


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