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Is this situation Insurance Fraud?

- Late last year our shed was broken into. Among other things stolen was Childs Honda motorbike which is the item in question. I promptly pursued this with my home insurance.

The insurance adjuster directed me to get him quotes for all the items taken. Being a single dad of two kids it took me some time to collect the 1000$ deductible. I then submitted the quotes and was told to purchase the items, after which i would submitt my reciptes and get reimbursed my money.

My kids, now being in their teens have no use for a childs motorbike as it is too small, there is also the issue that the new models do not resemble the motorbike we once had which had great sentimental value. We planned on selling the new motorbike for something bigger which both the kids could ride. The bigger item we planned on getting was a Honda Ruckus.

We went to the Honda shop and explained to the salesman that our adjuster sent us to our situation and how we planned on getting rid of the Honda 50 and then buying a Honda Ruckus. The salesman proposed that I buy a Honda 50 then trade it in for full value and put that money towards the Ruckus. We agreed and he wrote us up an invoice and recipt for both the 50 and the Ruckus of which i still have. Although at the time they were out of Honda 50's because they were awaiting the arrival of the new 2013 models which are expected in october. Although i still preorderd and got a receipt for the Honda 50 which I then used towards the Ruckus.

My Insurance adjuster after reveiwing the claim called me and said that he called the Honda Shop and spoke to the sales manager who looked up my file and told the Adjuster that I purchased a Honda 50 in which the honda shop transferred the funds over to the Honda Ruckus and i covered the remaining balance out of pocket. My insurance adjuster is rather upset and claims that what I did was insurance fraud. Im awaiting to hear back from him tommorow after he speaks with his supervisor. I explained that I purchased a Honda 50 which I have still have a recipet for and would have gladly taken ownership off if there were any available. 

Is what happend truley insurance fruad?

If so, who is at fault (me or honda?)

How should I go about dealing with his response after speaking to his supervisor?

Thanks for all your help!


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