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Legal fees

I have paid my family court lawyer nearly 20,000 for services. About 10,000 of that is owed by my husband which I am told I have to pay. The FRO office is very slow, nearly a year in getting me some money. I am doing the best i can to give him money every month, after exhausting all my RRSP,s and borrowing from relatives. MY lawyer says he won,t release a copy of my final order until all the money is paid. This is a no win situation for me. Also he is withholding the paperwork for my husbands pension until  I can finish paying him. I am very upset with this situation and wonder if these actions are legal on the part of the lawyer. This case is sucking me dry, financially and emotionally. When does this case become fair to me. Everything seems to be favouring my husbands actions with no consequences.


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