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I'm 17 years old and I've been having problems getting my cheque from work ... My boss refuses to pay me... My First day at work he told me I had to do a OJE ? The labour board hasnt even heard of that before either ... So I worked 3 hours and he only gave me a personal size pizza .. And refuses to pay what he owes me. So anyways second day in they brought in on a rush and one one the owners actually pushed me out of the way a numerous amount of times ... He later than asked me To change the cheese insert and tripped me so that I spilt the insert ... So anyways I tried getting my cheque and I don't have my sin card, only the number ... And he Refuses to pay me without it ... So I quit ... Many people have been having problems with this business in airdrie weather its sexually or not ... The guys a perv so if you could just get back to me that would be great ! Thanks


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