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Breech of Confidentiality


I went back to school and was funded through second career.  My confidential information was accidently leaked from Employment Ontario to another student.  Of course the government is denying this claim.  I was informed by the student that she received my confidential information in the mail.  She informed them and they quickly rectified my file and assigned me a different worker.  When I questioned Employment Ontario they denied it.  At a later point in time an employee working for Employment Ontario acknowledged that my file had been mixed with another student.  I questioned Employment Ontario again and they are still denying the claim.  I have tried to reach the student but since then we have both graduated and I have not been able to contact her for a statement.  I am concerened that my information could be abused and I also don't want this to happen to someone else.  I would like someone to be accountable to this.  Is this a case I should take to the courts or should I attempt a solution through small claims court?


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