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i have a neighbor, ho is always verbally abusing me whenever I am outside the house. He also verbally abuses my friend that rents a room from me. He has on one occation phyically attacted my friend. Today as my friend as leaving to go to work the neighbor was returning from where ever on his motorcycle. As my friend pulled away the neighbor followed on his motorcycle and as they drove he was verballi abusing and threatening my friend. This kind of behavoir has been going on for almost two years no and seems to be just getting worse. I am a single mom and rent a duplex the neighbor is on the other side of the duplex. I have told landlord of what is happening he does nothing. I ignore the neighbor all the time, but is seems to be getting worse and I just want him to leave me alone and those in my house. Is rstraining order or no contact order the best way to go or is there another avenue I can take? I just want it to stop. I cannot move as I said single mom and on welfare while looking for work, moving is not an affordable option right now. I ignore his abuse and record either on video or voice memo the abuse when ever I can. I have also installed 4 cameras outside the house to try and stop the abuse. I am at wits end and do not know hat to do anmore


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