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Double whammy criminal and civil suit

My husband has been criminally charged with assault, b&e and now an additional two charges of obstructing justice.  We have a building in which rooms are rented and usually occupied by OW clients.  Unfortunately there is alot of drug use and mental health issues with some of the residents.  On the morning of the situation he was called twice through the night from another tenant to tell him this "victim" was in the building causing a disturbance, banging on doors til 5 am.  We instructed him to phone the police as there was a tresspass notice for the person involved.  In the morning when my husband went to the building the guy was laying on a bed with a female tenant, the door ajar.  My husband went in grabbed the guy and attempted to escort him down the stairs, a scuffle occured, shirt ripped, the guy asked if he could go back and get his shoes, husband allowed him to do this, noted fresh and dried blood on the guys face but not feeling like he could have caused the extent of those injuries.  Later police charged husband and we learned police never served him the tresspass notice although they did have it on file from 6 mths prior to this, also learned he was in a physical altercation with another tenant at 5 am same morning where he was struck in the face.  Now weeks later two more tenants (severe drug users) have filed complaints that we offered free rent in exchange for testimony so two obstruction of justice charges have resulted.  The motive of one of the complaints we feel was because we denied him access to visit people in the building knowing he was trouble.  The other really had no motive other than following the lead of the other guy.  We also are being sued for $200,000 civilly by the "victim"  We are on verge of losing the building, have no liability insurance for this and am afraid of losing my home which i purchased before marriage.  MMy husband has hired a criminal lawyer who we are not happy with and really just scraping together money to pay him but we certainly have no means for a civil lawyer.  I am just sick over this and want out.  I have worked so hard for so many years to just live a modest lifestyle and am now threatend by a meth using 23 year old.  Any workds of advise are appreciated.  We live in a small rural town in Ontario, the court is in Walkerton Ontario


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