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hurt in a grocery store

In November of 2011 I was in a Foodland grocery store where a grocery store attendant was pushing a loaded pumpcart and lost control crushing my hand between the shelving and the cart. I left the grocery store without speaking to anyone about the issue, not really thinking much of it at the time. However the next day my hand was in so much pain I went to the hospital where xrays revealed I had a broken 5th metacarpal in my right (dominant) hand. I emailed the owner of that Foodland to notify him of his employees lack of knowledge on equipment use and said that depending on the outcome of my injury I MAY seek legal advice. I never did. A month later I had Foodland's insurance company contact me for a statement and approval to retreive medical information from my doctor and the hospital regarding the injury and also from my place of work to get documentation regarding time off work due to said injury. I allowed. I have now just received a phone call from that insurance company and they asked to have a meeting to discuss a possible settlement. I am to sit with them in my home this upcoming wednesday. The question I have for you is what a reasonable settlement is for this type of injury? If they offfer me $10,000 for instance but a reasonable settlement is $20,000 how do I go about asking for the higher amount?

Any advice you may have on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


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