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Renovation with no money

I own a small business, we renovated a one bedroom appt. The owner is not paying his bill. He seems to think he has 30 days to pay the bill. He has put a no contact order on me and is now harassing me. We finished the work on June 16 and i billed him june 22. They put a brickmold door on and couldn't make a decision on whether or not they wanted to put the screen door on the front so we said we would come back after the mudder and taper came in for the drywall. I called for our money and he wanted the door put on so we went back and put it on when I asked how we were getting paid for putting the screen door on he told me to take him to court because the door wasn't put on right in the first place. HE WAS NEVER BILLED FOR THE SCREEN DOOR BEING PUT ON. My question to you is, would it be better to put a lien on the property or take him to small claims court? I don't want to incur a tonne of legal charges but just want my money. He also is trying to say that it cost him 2000$ to fix the drywall mess we left? We never agreed to mud/tape because we don't have experience in that so he had to hire someone else for that. He never asked for a quote from us or how much we charge per hour.


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