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Wife divorcing

I am canadian citizen married to a woman from another country. After that my wife came to canada 5 years ago, she went back to her home country and came back to canada to live together on 2009. Lived together in a suite owned by my parents. after 2 years I bought an apartment and moved to apartment. Since then (around 1 year and 4 month), we lived in the apartment together. I pay the mortgage and bills. During this time my wife only studied and I was the only person providing financial stuff for both of us. Now she moved out. She doesnt have any job. She wants to get divorce and left me. My question is, Does she have any ground for the house? What are my financial obligation to her if she leaves me? I sponsored her to come to canada, Vancouver,BC, and after she was in canada for 3 years and applied for canadian citizenship, she wants to divorce. Can she get the citizenship?


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