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Please help

I called the police on my boyfriend for domestic assault. He got charged with assault, forcible confinement & threatening. I had to make a video statement when i was at the police station.


I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from my previous boyfriend being very abusive, rape, confinement for days. Also when I was a child I had been raped by 2 people in my family.


I did not lie in my statement. He did hold me down but that was because i was freaking out. I do have bruises that they took photos of on my arms. He did yell at me to stop but i was out of my mind with being scared. We did have a fight. I can not fight because it brings past memories.  He is the only person that can calm me down. He made me stay because he didnt want me to leave and hurt myself.


Is there anything I can do to get these charges dropped? Can I recant my statement? Can I go to the Crown and show them that I have these mental conditions.


Please helo


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