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A Guide to Costs in Ontario

Part of a series of books providing coverage of civil litigation law, A Guide to Costs in Ontario takes a practical approach to the granting of costs and the determination of their quantum. The authors discuss the implementation of the Costs Grid, the requirement that costs on motions be fixed by the motions judge and be made payable forthwith, the determination of costs by judges on motions and trials, and the new terminology for costs. Precedents from the book are included on an accompanying DVD. This book will appeal to legal practitioners, family and criminal law lawyers, and professional accountants. In softcover format, this book is ideal for use by practitioners in court or meetings.

Highlights of the Table of Contents:

  • Conduct of a Solicitor-Client Assessment
  • Considerations in Assessing a Solicitor's Account
  • Orders for Costs as Between Parties (contains the new Costs Grid)
  • Effect of Settlement Offers on Costs
  • Costs When Recovery Limited to Accounts Within Limited Jurisdiction
  • Contingency Fees and the American Experience

Publication Year: 2002

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